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Did you know…

There was a 9267% increase in the number of overdose deaths in the province of Alberta between 2011 and 2017.

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According to Alberta Health, in 2017 there were 562 deaths by fentanyl poisoning (2018). This is more than the death rates for motor vehicle accidents and homicides combined.

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In 2017, the Calgary Zone had the highest rate of overdoses and overdose deaths.

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What is harm reduction? 

What is harm reduction? Harm reduction is a nonjudgmental, evidence based public health approach that acknowledges that people engage in risk behaviours and provides practical tools, strategies and knowledge to keep people safe and minimize death, disease and injury.

Examples of harm reduction include seatbelts, life jackets, bike helmets, needle exchange programs, naloxone kits, and supervised consumption services.

In Calgary, 7% of new HIV cases and 43% of new hepatitis C cases were linked to injection
drug use (2016).



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